Tax Free for foreign guests of Manufaktura

Manufaktura encourages everyone to benefit from the new service: Tax Free which is coordinated by the Exchange Group is located in the Handicraft Avenue (Aleja Rzemiosł) on the market square of Manufaktura. This information may be interesting in particular for foreign tourists from outside Europe. Tax Free means a possibility of recovering part of VAT for purchased goods. Thanks to this, tourists who visit Poland can avoid double taxation. Tourists from outside the EU have the right to apply for return of tax paid in Poland during acquisition of goods which, in intact condition, have been exported by those persons outside the territory of the European Union in personal baggage. From now on, the service has also been available in Manufaktura and a coordinator of the actions is the exchange office from the Exchange Group chain operating on the market.

How does it look?
A customer buys in points taking part in the Tax Free program (most frequently information about this fact is displayed on a shop window, just beside information about a possibility of paying by card). He/she collects a document from a seller along with a receipt, confirming the possibility of returning part of tax together with its calculated amount. It is very significant for the document to be issued with the same date as the receipt. Afterwards, he/she should go to the exchange office on the market square along with a passport and payment card (debit or credit card). Specialists from the post will carry out a further process and the reimbursement will be transferred to a buyer’s account even within 3-4 days - it is the so-called early refund service which makes it possible to do further shopping in Poland. Whereas, this does not relieve the buyer from observance of procedures related to the whole Tax Free process after returning to his/her country and the procedure consists in sending the documents back along with duty marks at specified time.