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What is the Manufaktura Gift Card?

The Card is a prepaid electronic payment card accepted at all stores and locations offering services within Manufaktura where payment with MasterCard is possible (does not apply to self-checkouts). You may purchase the Gift Card at the Information Desk at the entrance from the direction of Manufaktura market square. The Card is valid for 12 months or until its balance is used up entirely. You will receive it right away.

The card is not accepted in the following establishments:

Canal +
Casinos Poland
Coral Travel
ING Bank
Kantor Exchange
Maxi Zoo
Pakowanie prezentów
Pekao bankomat 
PKO BP bankomat 
Planet Cash bankomat 
Plus Polsat Box 
Poczta Polska- możliwość płatności jedynie za towary. 
Tavex – kantor 
Teatr Mały
Velo Bank 

Gift card's statute

Gift Card - a Gift for Any Occasion

Do you know what your best friend dreams of? Or your refined boss? Or your brother’s future wife? Give them something that will certainly fulfil their wishes - the Manufaktura Gift Card!
All you need to do is determine the amount of money you want to spend for a gift, and then you put this money on a Card, so that its recipient could buy something on his/her own at any store within Manufaktura. It’s easy, comfortable and safe - and you can be sure that yours will be a hit gift!