How long is the Card valid?

The Card is valid until its balance is used up entirely, but no longer than 12 months.

Can I use the Card anywhere in Manufaktura?

Yes, you may pay with the Card at any place in Manufaktura where MasterCard cards are accepted.

What is a minimum and maximum Card balance?

The Card balance depends on how much money is put on the Card when it is issued, the balance cannot be higher than PLN 4,000 and lower than PLN 30.

Can I present the Card to my child?

Yes, the Card is a safe form of payment. In order to improve the safety of its users, it is not possible to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Can I add more money to an existing Card?

No, if a balance on a given Card is used up, you must buy a new Card.

What happens if I do not use up my balance within 365 days?

The unused balance goes to waste.

In case the Card balance is not enough to finalize a purchase, can I pay the remaining part of the price in cash?

Yes, if a given shop agrees to it.

Where can I check my Card balance?

You may check the balance of your Manufaktura Gift Card in person at the Information Desk in Manufaktura or by calling Flex-e-Vouchers Customer Service, phone number +48 22 490 69 23. And also on the website www

Where can I find my Card number and Access Code?

Card number is printed on the obverse of your Card. Your Access Code is printed on the receipt you got along with your Card.