How to get to here?


Manufaktura is situated in the centre of Łódź, near the Old Town Square, between streets Zachodnia, Ogrodowa, Drewnowska and Karskiego. All those travelling by car may use our vast parking lot with 3.5 thousand parking spaces.

You may get here by tram or bus as well, for Manufaktura is well-communicated with all districts of the city, also thanks to public transport.


79 (Drewnowska)

87A, 87B (Ogrodowa-Gdańska)


2, 3, 11A, 11B (Zachodnia)


Due to the internal road layout, it is easy to access each entrance to Manufaktura by taxi. There are also three taxi stands for those guests who decide on this means of transport after shopping or visiting cinema or a restaurant.