Social responsibility

Manufaktura actively engages in activities for the benefit of the local community. It offers space for important social and educational actions. In particular it supports children and young people from surrounding housing estates. Each year Manufaktura enters into a close cooperation with one public benefit organization. We have already associated with Foundations: Happy Kids, Jaś i Małgosia, Krwinka, Kolorowy Świat, Gajusz, Home in Łódź and also with Caritas and The Łódź Hospice for Children.
We support all health-promoting actions as well. Manufaktura hosts information campaigns and preventive actions and is very willing to involve in promoting healthy lifestyles. In cooperation with the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Transfusion Medicine in Łódź, we organise regular blood collection actions. And in our market square Mammobus is seen every now and again, where our guests can undergo preventive examination.