Entertaining Manufaktura

You will always find something to do here, the whole year through, greeted with the fireworks and getting only more interesting as time goes by. The heart of all events taking place in Manufaktura is the Łódź Women Textile Workers Market Square. Here we host The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP), here open-air star concerts and theatre performances, and even team sports competitions are held, attracting thousands spectators. In the summer our beach lures you with its hot sand, in the winter our ice rink and Christmas kermis invite you to have fun amidst beautiful illuminations. Manufaktura’s Birthday, Independence Picnic, welcome and farewell to summer holidays, Manu Summer Jazz Sundays... Each weekend brings you varied ways to spend your free time in our market square. But this is not all. Also Manufaktura historic buildings have many propositions available every day. Those who favour sports may climb a bit at Stratosfera or visit the SATURN FITNESS club. Grakula invites you to bowling, Jazda Park to billiard and fun with simulation video games, and the whole families may try their hands at a combat at Arena Laser Games. And then we also have dance lessons by masters from Egurrola Dance Studio, a journey into the world of science at Experymentarium or a trip into the history of the textile empire at the Museum of the Factory... When you add the offer of Teatr Mały (The Small Theatre) in Manufaktura and the cinema complex Cinema City to the pack - ways to spend your free time are infinite.