Tasteful Manufaktura

For a nutritious breakfast, business lunch or a long dinner with friends. Gourmets will certainly find something for themselves in Manufaktura restaurant menus: from aromas of the Orient, through Mediterranean classics and vegetarian delicacies, all the way to a juicy beef steak. Modern or traditional cuisine? Burger, shrimps or lentil? Masala or perhaps Wiener schnitzel? Manufaktura can answer all these questions. Around the Łódź Women Textile Workers Market Square, but also in the restaurant zone in the Manufaktura shopping mall, you may choose from a few dozen places serving delicious and varied food. Also beer drinkers favouring craft breweries and wine lovers will find something of interest here. Gormandizers will also be satisfied: cafés, confectioneries, ice-cream shops and a hot chocolate café, filled with aromas, just wait to sweeten the day for guests to Manufaktura. In the winter restaurants invite you to their designer interiors, and in the spring and summer to their flowery gardens, where you can spend a nice, tasty time under sunshades and awnings, amidst murmuring fountains.