Manufaktura today

An attraction for tourists, a hangout for Łódź residents, heaven for gourmets and renowned brand lovers, a place full of life and positive energy - Manufaktura has very quickly become the city’s flagship, as recognisable as Piotrkowska Street. Today it is hard to picture Łódź without Manufaktura. With no beach in the summer, no kermis and ice rink in the winter, no concerts in the market square or tasty evenings in local restaurants.

Manufaktura means: museums, cinema, theatre, a quarter of a thousand boutiques and stores, playgrounds for the youngest, fitness club, a few dozens restaurants and cafés. But its centre is the over 3 ha large Łódź Women Textile Workers Market Square, which serves as a friendly public space. Here cultural and entertainment events are organised, attracting both residents and tourists. Here the Europe’s longest fountain illuminates the darkness with colours and envelops superbly designed recreational areas in its murmur.

Manufaktura, with its almost infinite leisure opportunities, is famous in Poland and abroad, also due to numerous awards it has been granted for a successful revitalization of historic post-industrial facilities. Manufaktura is a beating heart of Łódź and a new city centre, where space for culture and refined entertainment is gloriously combined with the world of trade and recreation.