Dogs are welcome to Manufaktura


Monday - Friday 10.00-21.00

Saturday 10.00-21.00

Sunday 10.00-21.00

Dogs are welcome to Manufaktura

We invite to Manufaktura with your pets. Free movement around Manufaktura with a dog refers to the so-called shared parts of the shopping centre and majority of shops which will have special stickers with the following information “Admission free with a dog”. You will also be able to take your pet to a lot of restaurants on the market square. Obviously in line with the safety & security and social coexistence rules: animals must be kept on a lead and in a muzzle. The smallest ones can also do shopping on hands of their owners. Naturally, owners of animals are obliged to comply with the Regulations and principles applicable in public places or means of transport. If a dog has an “accident” - its owner is obliged to pick up after his/her pet.
In the Manufaktura Information Point you can collect special free of charge bags for dogs’ wastes.