Szuflandia – open 24/7, Poland’s first self-service library


Monday - Friday 10.00-21.00

Saturday 10.00-21.00

Sunday 10.00-21.00


Szuflandia – open 24/7, Poland’s first self-service library

The library was designed by a team from the Łódź Public Library. All you need to use Szuflandia is a card to open the locker. You can have a library card issued free of charge in every library in Łódź. Szuflandia has lockers, a touch screen and a library card reader. All you need to do is scan the card, select the title and enter the number of the locker with the book. The rules of using the automated library are the same as for regular libraries – access to the collection is free and the books must be returned within 30 days.
The library is in the passage to Cinema City and is available 24/7.
Szuflandia is managed by the Gdańsk Library based at ul. Gdańska 8 (tel. 574 407 032), whose employees will answer any questions you may have regarding its functioning.
The borrowing and return system of Szuflandia is in conformity with current COVID-19 recommendations and regulations.