Hands Free Shopping


Monday - Friday 10.00-22.00

Saturday 9.00-22.30

Sunday 10.00-21.00


Hands Free Shopping

In short: you go shopping and we carry your purchases! If you decide on the Hands-Free Shopping service, you can make your purchases at chosen stores in Manufaktura and do not bother with a growing set of huge and heavy bags in your hands. To use the service, you need to visit our Concierge Desk and collect your Hands-Free Shopping passport. During shopping you need to show a shop assistant the passport, and he or she will hand your purchases over to the Concierge Desk. You pick up all your purchases at the Desk only after your visit to Manufaktura is over. Our Hands-Free Shopping service is paid, the cost is PLN 4.99. The fee covers collection of 10 bags with your purchases and their storage until you pick them up.